Livvy Libertine Reviews “Ask: Building Consent Culture”

“Kitty Stryker is aiming to start a conversation we should already be having and to push the idea of consent forward with her book, “Ask: Building Consent Culture.” Covering the idea of consent everywhere from in the bedroom to out in the community and places in between, Ms. Stryker’s book is a striking anthology of consent and how it should ideally function throughout today’s society.”

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hellogiggles : “will change how you think about rape culture”

Wow! Exciting to get such a rave review from hellogiggles about “Ask” – they say:

“Consent shouldn’t be such a hard thing to talk about. There are videos of studies that show toddlers understand the concept of consent, yet when we talk to young, sexually active men and women, everything gets muddled for some reason. It shouldn’t be so difficult to figure out for adults. If you want to fight back against rape culture, learning the lingo of consent culture with a book like this is not a bad start.”