I’m available for workshops, lectures, panels, readings, and performances!

Here are a few of my offerings:

New for Fall 2020

  • Radical Vulnerability: Self Care for Activists
  • We Keep Us Safe: Basic Medic Skills For Protests and Emergencies
  • Leftist Prepping 101
  • What Is A Community? Building From the Ground Up
  • Burning It Down Without Burning Out: A Guide to Sustainable Mutual Aid
  • You Fucked Up: What Juggalos Taught Me About Accountability
  • Comrades: Learning How To Get To The Next Stop With Other Activists

Academic Presentations-

  • Ask: Building a Consent Culture (lecture or workshop)
  • Complicating Consent: Beyond Yes and No
  • Ban This Sick Filth: How Porn Both Informs and Challenges What We Find Obscene
  • What Is Feminist Porn? A Sex Critical Approach
  • Beyond the Leather Couch: Professional Kink as Therapeutic Exploration
  • TLC: Sex Work, Disability, and Stigma
  • ‘En/forced femme’: Sex Work and Social Media

Community Education-

  • “An Army Of Lovers Cannot Fail”- Centering Mutual Community Care in a Post-Trump Nightmare
  • Fuck You Pay Me: Getting Paid for Your Labour
  • Another Kind of Fist: Porn as Resistance
  • “You Like WHAT?!?”: How to Introduce Your Partner to Your Kink
  • How To Ask For It: A Workshop on Sexy Negotiation
  • Ethical Porn: An Anticapitalist Critique

See/hear examples of my past presentations and interviews:

​Noisebridge: Juggalos are Better than Burners (presentation)
Multiamory: Building Consent Culture (interview)
When a Sex Worker Falls for her Client (performance)
Is the Juggalo March a Protest? (interview)
CNN Money: Sex Workers in Silicon Valley (interview)
Navigating Consent with Eros Evolution (podcast)
Britain’s Happy Hookers (interview)
Is the Juggalo March a Protest? (interview)
GaymerX: Consent in Interactive Media (panel)
GaymerX: Accountable Cosplay (presentation)
Paging Dr. Strangelove: Building Consent Culture (interview)
AlterConf: Branded- on Sex Work and Social Media (presentation)

I’m currently booking for spring 2021, with limited availability in November and December 2020. Book me to come speak to you on Zoom or Discord!