I’m available for workshops, lectures, panels, readings, and performances!

Here are a few of my offerings:

New Workshops Available:

  • Radical Vulnerability: Self Care for Activists
  • We Keep Us Safe: Basic Medic Skills For Protests and Emergencies
  • Leftist Prepping 101
  • What Is A Community? Building From the Ground Up
  • Burning It Down Without Burning Out: A Guide to Sustainable Mutual Aid
  • You Fucked Up: What Juggalos Taught Me About Accountability
  • Comrades: Learning How To Get To The Next Stop With Other Activists

Academic Presentations-

  • Ask: Building a Consent Culture (lecture or workshop)
  • Complicating Consent: Beyond Yes and No
  • Ban This Sick Filth: How Porn Both Informs and Challenges What We Find Obscene
  • What Is Feminist Porn? A Sex Critical Approach
  • Beyond the Leather Couch: Professional Kink as Therapeutic Exploration
  • TLC: Sex Work, Disability, and Stigma
  • ‘En/forced femme’: Sex Work and Social Media

Community Education-

  • “An Army Of Lovers Cannot Fail”- Centering Mutual Community Care in a Post-Trump Nightmare
  • Fuck You Pay Me: Getting Paid for Your Labour
  • Another Kind of Fist: Porn as Resistance
  • “You Like WHAT?!?”: How to Introduce Your Partner to Your Kink
  • How To Ask For It: A Workshop on Sexy Negotiation
  • Ethical Porn: An Anticapitalist Critique

See/hear examples of my past presentations and interviews:

​Noisebridge: Juggalos are Better than Burners (presentation)
Multiamory: Building Consent Culture (interview)
When a Sex Worker Falls for her Client (performance)
Is the Juggalo March a Protest? (interview)
CNN Money: Sex Workers in Silicon Valley (interview)
Navigating Consent with Eros Evolution (podcast)
Britain’s Happy Hookers (interview)
Is the Juggalo March a Protest? (interview)
GaymerX: Consent in Interactive Media (panel)
GaymerX: Accountable Cosplay (presentation)
Paging Dr. Strangelove: Building Consent Culture (interview)
AlterConf: Branded- on Sex Work and Social Media (presentation)

I’m currently booking for fall 2023. Book me to speak to you on Zoom or Discord!