Surviving the Future: Abolitionist Queer Strategies

I wrote an essay for this anthology in 2020 about Covid, HIV, and what pandemics teach us about queerness and community. So excited it’s finally coming out!

“With queer and trans lives under attack, Surviving the Future: Abolitionist Queer Strategies could not be more necessary. Preorder from PM Press and support at

Help publish the book edited by Scott Branson, Raven Hudson, and Bry Reed with a Foreword by Mimi Thi Nguyen. This transformative collection reveals the most current ideas in radical queer movement work and revolutionary queer theory. These queers cast off progressive narratives of liberal hope while building mutual networks of rebellion and care. Learn more, see all the rewards, praise, bios of the editors, and much more.”

Hope you check it out!

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