Be Proud, Not Pushy: A Guide to Pride Etiquette

“Every time I go to a Pride event, at least one of the following 5 things happens:

  1. Someone (usually a gay man or a straight girl) grabs my breasts or costume without asking
  2. Someone takes a sneaky photo without my consent or knowledge
  3. Someone tries to offer me something dosed without letting me know upfront
  4. Someone loudly interrupts a conversation I’m having (almost always with another queer femme) to center themselves in a desperate bid for attention
  5. Someone will attempt to use their inebriation as an excuse for crossing my boundaries

I want to acknowledge that it is not just heterosexual allies who do these pushy, entitled things, but fellow queer folks. From talking to my friends, it seems it’s sunk into the common consciousness as just something one has to tolerate to be in those spaces. I think that’s absurd, and I wanted to offer a quick and easy guide on how to perpetuate consent culture in these spaces so everyone can celebrate and feel safe.”

Read more here!

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